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Aging Backwards

Can This Woman be 50?


Jackie SilverJackie Silver

TV Personality Meets Southern Doctor

While sitting at a medical conference a few years ago, a young woman stood up in the back and asked a few intelligent questions.

I noticed.

Afterwards, I approached her and asked her about her life. Turns out she's a radio and TV personality who's claim to fame is that she's made a science out of staying young and teaching others the trail she blazes. She told me her name--Jackie Silver.

So we've shared notes (favorite fish oil, favorite vitamins, stuff like that) by email and then a few days ago, she called and asked me for my best tips for staying young (she's researching her next book). I gave her my top ten (more on that soon) and then realized that I had never recommended her first book, Aging Backwards, to my patients and friends.

Y Chromosomes Just Sometimes Get in the Way

There are parts of her book that you've heard me say before. But, there are some things where a Y chromsome has handicapped me. Some of her tips about how she thinks about cosmetics are wonderful and beyond me.

Also, even though we share some ideas, her ideas about supplements are very insightful and practical.

But, most importantly, I think the sparkle of her joy in living comes through in the book. Part of the reason for staying healthy is that it's just good to be here. I think some of the health gurus forget that part. Staying young and healthy becomes the reason and work becomes the only prize. Not so with Jackie.

If you catch her spirit of having fun in your quest for health and youth (and mix that spirit with just a few of her tips), then I think you will gain much more than the price of this wonderful book (a little under 200 pages). Watch for her wry smile between the lines and take it with you to the gym and to the grocery store.

Download her book immediately here as a PDF file and start reading today:

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Peace & Health,


Charles Runels, MD

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P.S. Here are some of the tips that Jackie shares in her book:

  • A treasure-trove of her personal favorite products and where to get them
  • Expert opinion from Jackie's interviews with some of the industry's top gurus (Jackie, Jackie, Jackie...where am I?...Oh well, not sure she knew me when she did this first book).
  • Learn to defy your genetics
  • Read Jackie's compelling story of her lifelong battle with weight and how she won
  • Makeup secrets you haven't heard, guaranteed
  • Jackie reveals the little ingredient hidden in many common foods that ages you

Download her book immediately here as a PDF file and start reading today:

ADD TO CART $14.00

P.P.S. Here's the 10 tips I gave Jackie when she called about her new book

(all of these tips assume that someone who knows what they're doing made sure your hormones are optimal). I'm looking forward to seeing what Jackie uncovers from the other anti-aging gurus. But for now, here's the top 10 on my list:

1. Smoking is the kiss of old age. Most women know that smoking ages their face but few know how much faster it causes the breasts to sag. As a doctor, I've conservatively examined somewhere around 20,000 women. I've seen 80 year old women with amazingly beautiful breasts and 40 year olds already with slack wrinkled breast ready for implants. Smoking, not childbirth is the most destructive factor for the breast that I know.

2. Fruits and Vegetables are GOD's appetite control drug and without at least 5 full servings per day (each serving at least one cup), most women will have a weight problem.

3. The number one way to stay trim and fit is to walk at least 21 miles per week. Any woman who does this will likely be the most attractive woman on the block.

4. The women who stay beautiful have something more to live for than beauty. They have a reason to be healthy outside themselves.

5. Nothing is more beautiful than good health. Imagine any body type (athletic, buxom, ectomorph). Now imagine that person in excellent health. The resulting picture is always beautiful.

6. Keep unhealthy people at arm's length. You will behave like your closest friends. My mission puts me very close to unhealthy people. It's my reason for being here. But, to stay healthy, I make sure I go around people stronger and healthier than me as much as possible.

7. Make health the tool you use to take care of the ones you love. Then you will give health it's proper priority rather than letting your body rapidly decline in the name of sacrifice for your children. Your children and spouse want you healthy. They do not want you to sacrifice your health. If you do this, then you will have the courage to say "No" to your family with less guilt so that you can care for you.

8. Do not underestimate the power of fasting done on a regular basis. Do not go to extremes. One day per week to one day per month on dilute fruit juices or distilled water.

9. Read avidly about health. Make it a hobby to stay informed and to practice what works for you.

10. Never forget the story of the Velveteen Rabbit. We all become beautiful when we become real from being loved. Also, remember? The beast became beautiful by the love of his princess. Love is the most powerful cosmetic.

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