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I can remember going to the health food store as a teenage and buying 250mg tablets of vitamin C. This was in about 1974 and people thought I was crazy.  I thought Linus Pauling was right.  I still do.
If you think you're just making expensive urine when you take extra vitamin C, here's a couple of thoughts: 
1.  You don't say you're making expensive water when you throw the mop water out after cleaning house.  The point is that the anti-oxidants are excreted; that's the point, they take the free-radicals that cause cancer with them.  So the expensive urine is the mop water where the free radicals have been mopped up and excreted (instead of causing cancer).
2.  Vitamin C is cheap.
But what other anti-oxidants should be taken and at what doses?
My recommendation is that you take the following (check with your doctor first):
Vitamin C 3000mg
Vitamin E 400 IU
B12       2,500 mcg
Notice I do not list vitamin A.  Too many studies show a detrimental effect.  And, I have seen too many patients with headaches and skin problems. 
Too much vitamin A is the main reason I don't usually take a multivitamin.  Also, a multivitamin has a great number of ingredients but usually not enough of the main anti-oxidants--the main reason for taking vitamins for most people in my opinion.
This is my morning anti-oxidant (anti-cancer, anti-heart disease) routine.  It usually works out to be 3 vitamin C tablets, one vitamin E, a sublingual B12, and a B-complex.
(6 pills total from 4 different bottles).
If you follow this routine, always take the vitamins at the beginning of breakfast so the food washes it down and you do not get acid reflux from the Vitamin C.
I recently put all these vitamins into one packet...vitamins
I got tired of making multiple trips to the store when I would run out of one or more of my anti-oxidants (which I consider one of the basic things I do to prevent cancer).  So, I had a reputable, US manufacturer make up canisters of 30 packets (each with all 6 tablets).  I'm offering a canister of thirty packets for $29.95.  I'm calling the canisters "Foundation" since it's the foundation of my vitamin routine (other recommendations change according to sex and specific problems of each person).
As a bonus, I'm offering a monthly CD where I simply sit down and summarize some of the more important new ideas that I have learned either from patients, or conferences (still try to travel to class at least once every other month), or from the journals or from books.  These are conversational CD's that will cover a variety of topics.  This will be included with every purchase of Foundation.

So, for $29.95, you get the CD and a 30 day supply of anti-oxidants. If you subscribe to automatic monthly shipemnt, then I will not charge you shpping costs. 

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Peace & Health,

Charles Runels, MD

P.S. This vitamin pack includes most of what's recommended in my course for men, Anytime...for as Long as You Want: Strength, Genius, Libido, & Erection by Integrative Sex Transmutation.