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400 grams (about 100 doses of 4,000 mg each) of Firm™ in cannister. $47: less than a nickel per dose (includes postage in the continental US)

Warning: Forskolin tastes very bitter. My patients have found it mixes best with 1/2 glass of grapefruit juice or with a diet RedBull. This supplement is for the hardcore, do-anything to be healthy people. If you want something that tastes like candy, then skip this one.

Some Research about Coleus Forskolii (10% forskolin)

1. Shows that forskolin bypasses a defect caused by diabetes and helps erections: Vasoactive intestinal peptide and impotence in experimental diabetes mellitus. - Maher E - Br J Urol -
01-FEB-1996; 77(2): 271-8 (MEDLINE® is the source for the citation and abstract of this record )

What they did: The researchers took rats and made them diabetic. Then, they measured three things: (1) The VIP content in the penis (yep--they chopped of rat penises and measured the VIP--think you can see why they didn't look for human volunteers); (2) The amount of VIP released by a chopped off penis when chemically stimulated (they used normal and diabetic rats); (3) How the penis (while still on the rats) responded to injection with VIP; (4) They injected still-attached penises with forskolin of both diabetic rats and normal rats.

What they found: (1) The VIP content in the penis was elevated. (2) The VIP released by the diabetic rats was the same as that released by normal rats. (3) The penises of diabetic rats did not get erect when injected with VIP. The penises of normal rats did. (4) The penises of both diabetic and normal rats became erect when injected with forskolin.

Conculsion: Since VIP failed in diabetic rats and forskolin worked, and since both of these work by activating adynelate cyclase, it appears that the diabetes did not injure the smooth muscle of the blood vessels but instead the VIP receptor. This was demonstrated by forskolins ability to directly stimulate the adynelate cyclase and cause and erection.

Problems with applying to people: This was a rapid development of diabetes. With the years that it takes for people to develop and to be diagnosed with diabetes, there is proabably other mechanisms like circulation and nerve injury.

The good news: Even though the problem could be multifactorial, here's a way to take care of one of the factors with forskolin.

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