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Melt Fat with Lipolite



The Vampire Facelift

FREE: The #1 Weight Loss Secret

love handles before

Before (above) and 4 days After (below). Done by Dr. Runels with Lipolite.

love handles 4 days after

neck before Before (neck and jowls)

neck 4 days after 4 Days After (by Dr. Runels using Lipolite)

1 stomach before

Before (above) and 4 Days After (below). Notice the 3 dots? That's where I went in.

Just not a big deal.

Bra Bulge and love handles before...

bra bulge before

Same woman Immediately after treatement for bra bulge and love handles. You can still seewhere I used a sharpie to mark how she would be sculpted. The change in skin color is from the laser (which also tightens the skin) and will go back to normal within a few days:

.bra bulge after

Here's a video from the physician who first told me about the Lipolite:


FREE: The #1 Weight Loss Secret

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The Vampire Facelift

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  Lipolite: What's safer, easier, and works better than liposuction?

A few days ago, a young woman came to my office after losing 65 pounds and asked, "Now I'd like to get rid of this pooch in my lower stomach."

The problem has been that in someone with not much fat to get rid of (after her 60 pound weight loss), traditional liposuction is too much. In someone with much to get rid of--then weight loss is really better than liposuction (since the weight is likely to come back in another place).

Several people per year die from traditional liposuction, and the procedure can leave people looking lumpy. Also, it is too invasive for those with just a little to lose, but usually offers an unsatisfactory long-term result for those who still don't have their weight under control.

I've focused on weiight loss and then using mesotherapy injections to help remove the final remaining fat in someone who has lost to close to their best weight.

Finally,with Lipolite, small pockets of fat can be liquified with a very tiny laser and then suctioned out with a very small cannulla. This new method is called LAL (acronym for laser-assisted liposuction).

The net effect is that the procedure is much safer and small areas can be treated (areas that were impossible to to treat with traditional, mechanical liposuction).

Areas That Can Be Treated

  • Male Gynecomastia (Man Boobs)
  • Back of Arms
  • Bra Bulge
  • Double Chin
  • Love Handles
  • Saddle Bags
  • Abdomen-Upper
  • Abdomen-Lower

Here's a scientific article describing how the laser melts fat and tightens the skin.

.........$2,000 for one area

.........$3,000 for two areas


You can email questions to me by clicking here.

In summary, this new technology allows me to

1. Treat the person who will most benefiit from liposuction (since they've already got their weight under control, I'm treating areas resistant to weight loss---not using liposuction when wieght loss would work better).

2. Offer treatment with less cost

3. Offer treatment at much less risk (no one has ever died from lipolite liposuction).

4. Offer the treatment with much less pain (most are back to work either the next day or the day after).

To do this treatment yoiu should be in good health, non-smoker, and no diabetes within 30 pounds of your best weight..

To schedulle an appointment for a free, no-obligation consult, call 251-648-7704.

Discover the Beauty of LipoLite™
Laser-Assisted Body Sculpting
Gentle. Effective. Less Downtime.

LipoLite™ is the next evolution in how laser technology is being used to help people look and feel their best. Now you can achieve liposuction-like results with less discomfort, downtime and less risk of harmful side effects.

Effectively treat smaller areas on the face and neck. Treat stubborn pockets of fat around the belly and back. Thighs and hips can be shaped with this less invasive, more comfortable solution. To find more information, including what the media are saying, check out the new LipoLite website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does LipoLite work?
LipoLite features a tiny tube, called a “cannula,” which is inserted through a tiny incision into your skin. A precise, powerful laser beam is directed via an optical fiber through a cannula, and liquefies deposits of fat cells within the treatment area. Liquefied fat is then removed from your body through a very small incision in the skin.

What body regions can be treated with LipoLite?
Ideal treatment regions include smaller areas on the face, neck, arms, back, belly, thighs and buttocks. The male breast area can also be treated.

When can I expect to see results?
Some results can be seen almost immediately, yet visible improvement will be most noticeable 6-8 weeks after treatment.
Will I need anesthesia?
LipoLite is minimally invasive, and considerably less traumatic to the body than traditional liposuction – so only local anesthesia is required for treatments.
Does it hurt?
Local anesthesia helps make the LipoLite procedure comfortable. After treatment, and when the anesthesia begins to wear-off, many patients experience minimal bruising, plus minor aches and pains that naturally dissipate over time. LipoLite patients typically return to work 1-2 days after treatment.
Am I a good candidate for the LipoLite procedure?
If you are in good health, have stubborn areas of fat, and have
good expectations of treatment results, you’re a candidate for LipoLite.
How many treatments will I need?
For most patients, only one treatment is typically required.The session may last from 30 minutes to one hour for each area treated.

You can email questions to me by clicking here--or just send me your phone number and best time to call.

To schedule an appointment for a free consult call 251-648-7704.

Peace & health,

Charles Runels, MD

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