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Purpose of 365 Health Strategies

If good health partly depends upon proper behavior, but changing behavior is easier in small steps, then... 

Hopefully, these carefully-considered, small, daily steps will improve the health of those who invest the energy to take them.  Just a little momentum in the proper direction on a daily basis could be life changing. 


 Each Daily Strategy incorporates the 1,3, 5 Plan and offers the following:

  1. A few paragraphs of practical suggestions for creating better health.

  2. A scripture passage that would take about 15 minutes to read or about 5 minutes to scan (usually 5 or 6 chapters).  If followed daily, will take the reader through the Old Testament once and the New Testament twice in a year.

  3. A suggestion to walk 3 miles and a place to record actual miles walked (if the lesson is printed and taken along with you for the day).

  4. A suggestion to eat 5 servings of fruits or vegetables per day and a place to make a mark recording the actual number of servings eaten.  This is the recommended amount proven to help prevent breast cancer, colon cancer, heart disease, obesity, hypertension, and hypercholesterolemia.   A serving is one full cup, one medium piece of fruit, or 3 full cups of salad composed mostly of lettuce.

  5. A virtue to consider.  These are taken mostly from the autobiography of Benjamin Franklin where he listed 13 virtues.  He claimed that daily self examination concerning his living these virtues was most responsible for his success.  He kept a little book with him where he graded himself throughout his life.  Eventually he made the pages of ivory because he kept wearing out the paper with the grading system he used.  He recommended grading daily on all 13 virtues but only attempting one per day.  By focusing on one virtue for the day and repeating the focus on that virtue for a week, he hoped to make each virtue habit by the end of a week and then swap to the next.  Goal was to eventually have perfect score after 13 weeks of grading.   To view the modified list of virtues as used in the daily strategies, click here.